KeyWords in DXO PL4

Hi All,
Is there a way to remove existing keywords on DXO PL4?
I can delete them or rename them on a series of photos when I’ve just created them, but if they already exist and I don’t need them anymore, I’d like to be able to remove them from the list, so that I don’t see them appear anymore.
Thank you for your help.

…nothing that cannot be fixed through use of the manual…

Hi Platypus,
Thanks for your return.
I didn’t have the instructions on hand, that’s why I was asking the question.
Thank you for your feedback.
If there is no way to delete unused information in the database, too bad. Otherwise, it would have been convenient to be able to do so.
Wishing you a good Sunday and a good continuation.
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PhotoLab does not provide database management actions that can be triggered by the user.

The only two ways of “cleaning” the database I know of are

  1. Getting into the db with a db management tool, delete away and try to make sure that the db stays consistent. -> Good luck with this approach, aka don’t do it.
  2. Export sidecars, quit PhotoLab, delete the database, reopen PhotoLab etc. -> Everything that has not been written into a sidecar file is lost.

Depending on how you use DPL, approach 2 is either okay or not. Your decision. :man_shrugging:

Keywords which are only in dxopl’s database, usually the one’s who are made in dxopl, are lost to when deleting Database. There not stored in the dop files
Xmp files are a good way to have a managable keyword system.
Bit late 3months, but hence info is info… :yum:

True, which means that currently, it is preferable to manage keywords with something that is not DxO and that can write keywords to .xmp sidecars. DPL imports keywords from .xmp sidecars.

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