Keywords disappear after moving files to another directory

I decided to use PL4 to tag my photos with keywords instead of using Adobe Bridge as the new Renaming option is fantastic. I renamed first, then added keywords then moved from ‘To Sort folder’ to year folder. All on same drive and contained in Master ‘photo’ folder.

Now my Keywords have disappeared - not showing in PL.

Can anyone shine a light on this??

The keywords are stored in PhotoLab’s database, not in the image files or their sidecar (.dop) files. How did you move your photo files out of your to-sort folder after adding the keywords?

I used Windows Explorer to move the files from ‘To sort folder’ to ‘2020’ folder

They are missing because the keywords are stored in the Photolab database and Photolab didn’t know you had moved the images to a new location.


You will need to move the images using PhotoLab:

Managing & searching (

True, but the DPL would show a “?” and the moment you tell DPL where the file now is stored - all should be good. If DPL knows where the file is stored the keywords should be there, or?

Thanks for all your replies. I have tried Creating a New folder then copying a number of files selected in the thumbnail bar into the new folder. The keywords added in original folder do not transfer, only the keywords in exif added from Bridge. Looks like keyword transfer is not working

Further to my last post. I didn’t hold down shift key, so copied photos with no transfer of keywords. Using shift key on selected photos in browser moved them and keywords remained.
I must say that the process is a bit convoluted - should be able to move entire folder to new location without having to create a new file in destination then copy files by selecting them.