Keyword confusion

Please pardon my ignorance, but can someone suggest a basic overview for managing keywords in Photolab.

A specific problem I have is trying to search for a keyword that begins with, “13.” When I type “13” in the search box, PL shuts down.


It’s not normal, it should offer you at least the shooting parameters F/13, 13S, 13mm then if they exist your keywords …
Which version do you have on, on which OS ?
And that does it for other research or just the number 13 ?
If this is the case you need an exorcist. :grinning:

Never use 13 in keywords. It is yet a well known saying.

Thanks for your response. I have Elite version 7.4.0 build 45 running on MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1.

So far, I’ve only had it shut down when I’ve attempted to search for the number “13.” Not too long long ago, this wasn’t a problem, and it’s not obvious what caused the change.