Keyboard Shortcuts for Edits (not just library management)

Hi all:

Just bought PhotoLab a couple of hours ago, migrating over from Capture One and Lightroom before that.

Image quality side? Stellar! Workflow side, I’m already missing the customizable keyboard shortcuts of C1 (or even just the static ones of Lightroom).

Is this something in development and may come in V7? I use a TourBox and gaming mice to map all of my major functions and I’d love to do the same here.

Thanks all!


It has been a regular request for several years from many people, but no info of DXO.

Welcome @jeremylim

The help menu gives you a list of shortcuts.

Hi Pieloe! Ah, I saw those, but I meant ones that do actual slider (e.g. exposure, white balance, etc.) adjustments. I can’t imagine making PhotoLab my main DAM without it. Very slow and less physically ergonomical to mouse so much.

That said, so pleased with the IQ coming out of PhotoLab. Already my go-to for drone shots and a few special images. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Franky! One more nudge from me then. I can’t imagine using PhotoLab for any kind of large sets without it — but very excited for more singular, special images. :slight_smile: