Keyboard shortcut to hide/unhide image browser

Please add a keyboard shortcut to hide and unhide the image browser.

Hiding and unhiding with the mouse is very frustrating especially on the Mac when your dock is automatically hiding.

Have you tried these shortcuts ?

I think he means: “Making the filmstrip disappear in Customize”. I’ll vote for this and don’t forget to vote for your own proposal.

You have my vote. :slight_smile:

I’m wondering how that is different from what Shift+Tab does…?

Good morning!

Hm… on Win you have Ctrl+F9 to hide/unhide the image browser. Is it the feature you want on MAC?

Svetlana G.


I’m now thinking that this may be one of the infamous Mac/Win differences. On WinOS the shift+tab simply switches from Browser mode to Customize mode leaving the filmstrip intact.

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Thanks @sgospodarenko I had forgotten about that shortcut. :thinking: :laughing:

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That seems to be ctrl/tab on Mac. These differences are necessary sometimes, but not always, and so annoying!

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Yes, unfortunately I cannot test it since I do not have Windows but I would like to show and unhide the filmstrip.

Shift tab hides the side panels on the Mac by the way.

On my Mac, Tab hides the side panels, and Shift+Tab hides the image browser.

I rather wish Tab just moved the focus from one field to the next like it does on every other Mac app.

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Shift tab works perfectly to hide the film strip. Please ignore my post.

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