Keyboard mapping to Wacom Intuos Pro M

Hello Everyone here.

DxO Photolab Elite v6.3.1 (and Filmpack and Viewpoint) have made me very happy over the past years.
My use for Photolab has been for editing, not so much for organizing (that’s where I use DigiKam on a SQL server).
I have always worked my way around with a keyboard and mouse.
Since recently, a Wacom Intuos Pro M is attached to my computer and sitting on my desk.
I have been playing a bit with shortcut mapping of keystrokes to the Wacom and pen, and noticed that for example the “Retouch” option under 'customization" does not appear to have a shortcut key listed in Help > Shortcuts.

I am now wondering how others, using a Wacom, have mapped their keystrokes to the Wacom keys and pen, to support their workflow.
I am specifically interested in mappings that support the Photolab “customizations” and 'local adjustments".

check e.g. here → Contest: Can PL be used to simulate lighting from flash for portrait shots ?! - #30 by Wolfgang

… and search for → @Wolfgang Wacom



Thank you for your swift response Wolfgang. Am studying the suggested mappings.