Keep settings for the jpg quick preview

Hi folks, I just started playing with PL4 after a migration from LR. Not easy but I will find my way through.

Today I use no pre-setting when I’m importing the RAW files but I noticed that the short preview (jpg?) you get the first second you click on the picture is pretty good for a start, after a second the picture turns very dark (original RAW file?) and I have to redo it all over.

Do you have a tip to keep the setting for the RAW file ? I tryed the pre-setting DXO but none seems as good.

Or is it a preview coming from the camera (Z6) ?

Thanks !


Exactly, you see the JPEG version that the camera created and embedded into the RAW file. DxO Photolab doesn’t try to replicate each of the camera models processing.

I think most users start with the standard preset and then tweak it to their liking and use it as a standard going forward.

Welcome to the forum, Jo.

When you say you’re not using any of the PhotoLab presets when you load your RAW files, do you mean you have nothing assigned here as a default ?
… via Preferences: image

Or, do you mean that you are not manually applying any preset; image ?

As you can see, I have a custom preset (JCM_RAWpreset) which is auto-applied, by default, to every RAW file that I open … It’s based on the “DxO Standard” preset - with my preferred settings.

If you have not applied any preset at all - then you’ll simply see the most basic conversion of your RAW file into a viewable image (after, momentarily, seeing the embedded JPG).

Feel free to ask more questions …

Regards, John M

Hi Christian, thanks for the info. Ok I’ll have to built it up then.

Hi John, I removed preset when importing. I will look into finding the appropriate one. I guess the camera has settings seeing the picture (portrait or landscape) and choose the right settings. I guess DXO does not, I’ll check


Hi again, Jo.

At very least (if you don’t like the DxO Standard preset), I recommend that you use the “DxO - Optical Corrections Only” preset - - as it will apply all the important settings for lens correction, distortion, etc.

John M

Hello Plov,
as you wrote above you just started with DPL. Many experienced users will use their “own” preset as a starting point. I have two - one for landscape and one for portrait.
I recommend you use DPL for a while, based on that you will find out which adjustments you make on a more regular basis. The moment you have that you create your “own” preset and use that as your starting point. Please note I always use the term “starting” point, that is what a preset is, nothing more, nothing less. I know a friend of mine who likes DPL but does not like to start with a preset. He likes to fiddle around indivdually with every image. So his starting point is “No correction”

Well said, Sigi.

On this point, tho …

Yes, I’ve heard of users who do that too - but, the reason I recommend that, at very least, the “Optical Corrections Only” preset is used (instead of “No Correction”) is that it could otherwise be too easy to forget to apply some essential corrections - and Optical Only makes an excellent basic starting point.

John M

Hello Gents,

thanks for your feedbacks, I’ll allocate some time finding the exact same settings and then save it as a pre set and fix the issue.

But is the camera setting not depending of the scene type ? Portrait, landscape ? A PL preset wouldn’t take the scene type in account I guess.


Unfortunately for your needs; no, it won’t.


Yep I was expecting that :frowning:

Thanks John :wink: