Keep selected picture visible on filmstrip after deleting a large number of images

In PhotoLab 3, navigate to a folder containing a large number of image files - say, 300. Select an image on the filmstrip in the Customize workspace. Now scroll to the LEFT and Shift+Left-click on another image so that about 25 image files are now selected. Click on the trashcan icon for that image and confirm you want to delete. The images are deleted and the currently-selected image on the filmstrip is now off-screen. I’m requesting that the behavior change so that the new current selection after deletion is visible without having to scroll to it.

(Similar to the request “Keep selected picture visible when changing picture size in browser” but different enough that I thought I’d create a new topic for it.)

Thank you for considering this request.

I could be wrong, but i vaguely recall Svetlana or someone else mentioning that changes to the image browser was in the backlog.


Yes, it seems that some are in the pipeline - but I want to make sure that this particular manifestation of the problem doesn’t get overlooked. I haven’t seen it mentioned before. :policeman::grin:

I understand the merit of your request but I only have a couple of votes left and want to consider all options before I use them up. I note you haven’t voted yet. Don’t know if that was an oversight. Some people don’t realize you can vote for your own feature suggestions.


I have no votes left, so for the moment this is all I can do.

Hello guys,

I’ve modified your post and create an issue on this behavior. It can be fixed as a bug.

Svetlana G.


Thanks very much, Svetlana! I hope you have a great day.

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