Keep previous image visible until next image is loaded

In the current behavior, the image disappears most of the time when selecting an other. This makes comparing compositions really hard as there is a ‘blank flash’ in between the images. It is also more tiring. PhotoLab is the only software I know that does this.

The preferred behavior would be that the previous image remains visible until the new image is loaded.

Hello @Skies,

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Svetlana G.

This doesn’t happen on my system. But I would also like to be able to view two images at the same time.

There are other requests for viewing more than one image at the same time. I understand what’s being asked for here and agree that the current behavior of watching an image get rendered gradually from RAW is annoying. I also recognize that once PhotoLab buffers the images being viewed and compared, switching among them becomes nearly instantaneous. It takes a while and numerous attempts to switch back and forth, but it does happen. So, until images are cached/buffered in this way, what should PhotoLab do? The request here is to keep displaying the previous image (or nothing if no prior image is selected, I assume) until the next image is fully ready to be displayed with all chosen presets applied. I think I agree, since that’s what ultimately happens given enough time and attempts. And I think there should still be some clear indicator that the next image is loading.

My real hope is that PhotoLab becomes faster and more efficient in many respects.

Or maybe on selection of the next image, Dxo should cache in the background (leaving the existing image in place until cached) and then display it instantaneously. Granted this would create a noticeable lag on selection but presumably no more lag than seeing a white screen while the next image renders. At least this would give a percived instantaneously change allowing for compare… Not an ideal solution of course but…