Keep history in PhotoLab Windows between sessions


Will you please keep edit history between session ins PhotoLab Windows?

Thanks in advance

This has been a feature request for a long time now. Please search for previous conversations and add your vote to them rather than starting yet another vote.

I think DXO will get forced to store editing in a near future like everybody else that want to stay relevant in the converter business since we are about to see much higher demands on provenance and authenticity in a near future. There is a growing need to be able to be able to see if images have been tampered with and also in what way this eventually have happened.

Until now these demands haven´t really got expressed clear enough.

I am not sure what you mean by, “these demands haven´t really got expressed clear enough”. They have been expressed clearly and constantly since PL4 was released and even before. Base on my conversations with DxO there were technical reasons for not adding it to the Windows version.

I know a number of software titles that allow the viewing and backing out of adjustments through a visual history in the current editing session only, for example, Affinity Photo. However, other then the Mac version of PhotoLab I am not aware of other programs that save history for use across sessions. If I understood you correctly, you seem to be suggesting that saving the history is almost universal. Could you give me some examples of raw editors that currently save the editing history for use across editing sessions?


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Could you give me some examples of raw editors that currently save the editing history for use across editing sessions?

Lightroom for windows is one and it has done for many, many years.

This has also been mentioned here on this forum many, many times.

Adobe started an inititive to CAI to develop and strengthen the possibility to certify data and track changes done to texts and images through their life time by the use of C2PA-tech. In order to do so it will be absolutely mandatory to support the storage and use of C2PA-data in IPTC and XMP. Some of the most important metadata to store will be the data that needs to be used to verify an assets unbroken provenance.

That is why I also have passed this issue as a feature request to DXO. Without support for this metadata workflow Photolab will not be able to be part a part of these new workflows and will partly lose its status as a professional tool for photographers and photojournalists as the demands increases.

There are for the moment 1500 companies from hardware to software companies to news agencies, newspapers and other media players supporting these initiatives. So there is finally a really impressive momentum for these questions but DXO is not part of this at all as well as Capture One but Adobe is. Once more Adobe is proving to be the IT-company that leads the industry when it comes to standardisation.

DXO Photolab for Mac does exactly that.

Right and when the feature was introduced, it was implied that it would also work with Windows. Now, they give us some lame excuse that it cannot be done.