Keep DCP colour correction profile association on folder move or rename

The DCP profiles I create are often linked to a specific set of RAW files. A woodland shoot may have multiple DCP profiles.

I therefore store these in the same folder as the RAW files and the dop files.

If, however, I rename any folder in the hierarchy or move the folder location, this seems to break the DCP association.

Photolab makes no attempt to reconnect these, which mean manually reassigning them.

Some sort of behaviour to allow renaming / moving folders would be good. For example:

  • Ask “Please located the DCP [DCP name]?” For each missing DCP (not for each image with a missing DCP)

  • Check the current folder for the “missing” DCP

  • Store a relative rather than absolute path

  • Store the DCP info in the DOP (not ideal)



Unfortunately PhotoLab loves to save absolute paths for a bunch of different things and until today no efforts, that I am aware, have been done to fix that :upside_down_face:

I hadn’t realised that before. Usually, with the sidecar files I have been able to move folders to my archive storage without all the rendering settings being lost.

So seeing it happen with the colour settings was a bit of a shock.

Losing the info was one thing, but no warning / attempt to re-connect was surprising indeed.

I hope reconnection will be allowed in the future, but from what you say that is unlikely.

Are you moving them through Photo Lab or with the OS of your computer?

It happens with the functionalities that require an “external” file. There is, if my memory is good, one or two exceptions but the majority is problematic if you move the “external” files around (not the raw+dop on the same computer, this will work)