Just lost batch of denoised pictures

Just imported 16 pictures via Lightroom to Photolab 6 and exported using Deeprime XD as normal. It took well over an hour and finally exported 16 totally black images back to Lightroom. Version is 6.15.1, build 69. anyone any idea what the problem might be? I’m using MacBook Pro.

export time is way too high. I can therefore only guess that your Mac is old or you missed setting GPU correctly, which normally means that you can leave it as it comes per default. Concluding from your “as normal” text part, the issue is probably caused by a setting that has been changed, or, hopefully not, by some creeping defect.

BTW: did you loose any files at all? Wasted some time and electrical power for sure, but no files were lost. Rephrase your title accordingly to avoid misunderstandings.

Black output files were an issue with PureRAW a while ago, you might be able find something about it in the forum…without guarantee that any of these texts might help.

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16 export for well over and hour? That’s really strange. What kind of photos were they? Seems way, way too long. Maybe that is the root of the problem.

My best guess: your GPU is too old and/or has too little free memory when invoking PL.
Keep in mind that most applications needing a GPU, “reserve” a certain amount of memory to be sure that everything can be executed as expected.
Lightroom does that and I guess that PL does the same. By today’s standards, even 4GB of VRAM are often not enough, and well, if you are below that, there is no way that you can use Deep prime, even without having LR running in the background…the recommended requirements being 8GB.

Having a weak/old GPU might work sometimes, even if it’s below the requirements. Try quitting LR (as well as any open application) and opening just 1 image in PL to see if you can have more luck.

Possibly. I’ve submitted a query to DXO to see if they can throw light on this. It just happened again.

Hi @Brian . From when is your MacBook Pro?

Also is that the latest version 6 for PhotoLab? Id consider updating to a later version 6 BUT ONLY if you still have the file for the version you are currently using. An update can introduce unexpected new issues and you’ll need the version you were using previously (unless of course you have a backup system in place allowing you to revert your MacBook)

Agree for a lot of uses but not PhotoLab.

Hello there.

What export setting have you configured and where to are the exported photos supposed to be written?
Any possibility to post a screenshot of the export setup?

Sound advice, and if you don’t have the installer any more - check your time machine backups - you can do the following:

  • duplicate the current DPL6 app in order to create a way to fall back
  • update the app without “copy” in its name (if you like, you can also update the copy and keep the original app as is. it does not matter which copy you update, just consider what you did in case yo want to fall back to the old version)

Fallback: If the new version should not be satisfactory, move it to the trash and rename the “copy” to its original name.

Thanks for replies. I’m currently trying to process a batch of pictures which again are turning out corrupted when I try to develop them in Lightroom or when I open them in Photolab. This is my method, which has worked perfectly well for at least two years.Import to Lightroom classic, copying as DNGs, select pictures for noise reduction, transfer to Photolab, use Deepprime noise reduction, reimport to Lightroom, then crop and make minor adjustments before sending to the Web. Now, I see something on the Internet suggesting that DXO won’t process ‘linear’ DNGs. Is that the problem? I have tried downloading from two different cards, with and without card readers, with different cables and I can’t think of anything else to try.

With PhotoLab installed properly, Lightroom should have a module option to treat images in PhotoLab. This option is accessible only through Lr’s menu, but not via context menu.

PhotoLab is a RAW developer and a linear DNG is already developed, so to speak. This prevent DPL to apply its key features like demosaicing, advanced NR and more. If you want to benefit from all of DPL’s features, you got to send the images in question via the module option menu item…as outlined above.

Not comprehensible to me, sorry

What exactly are the words, expressions or sentences you don’t understand?

Brian – the few details you have provided suggest an over elaborative workflow, but I may just be misunderstanding you. Perhaps you could compare your current workflow to that which DxO PL (users manual) and Robin Whalley (short video) have suggested. I’ve provided links below. You may find a clue there.