Just confused which Version i have


as mentioned on the DXO Nik Collection Webpage there is a new Version called “Nik Collection by DxO 2018 v1.1”.
So while i don`t get any update informations in the NIK Collection itself, i have downloaded and installed the Version from my DXO Account. When i open Color Efex Pro for example i get the information that i have the Version x64 (v1.2.18) installed. Is this now Version 1.1 ?
This is just confusing me a lot and does not make any sense.

Also what is ment with “Nik Collection by DxO can also be opened with other host programs, including DxO PhotoLab 2”, did they mean i had to export my Picture to a nik Collection Application or do i open it as a Plugin in Photolab 2?

1.2.18 is the latest version. To open in Photolab2 you use Export to Application and choose the Nik app you want to use. One you have finished editing in Nik just save the file and it will return you to PhotoLab where the edited image will available.

Thank you very much ColinG.

it would be very helpfull to mention the actual download version in the DXO Account, perhaps with an upload date instead " Your software is up to date".

Also many people think that they now have direct Access to the NIK Collection in Photolab 2 like the viewpoint or Filmpack App, which is a bit missleading.

just have a look here

No point telling me, I do not work for DxO :slight_smile: They do participate in these forums though.

I never thought I had direct access to Nik via PL and in any event personally I see no difference in using the export route as using the plugin route in LR. I am sure further integration will come along eventually but what form that takes remains a mystery.

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My hope is that eventually the Nik collection will be integrated to some degree like FilmPack 5 and we will be able to add Nik adjustments directly to raw files.


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That’s a thought. I am quite happy going the tiff route though.It works ok for me. I would rather DxO concentrate on core functionality at the moment. Don’t see the need for Film Pack and Nick either so room for some work there perhaps.