JPEG files saved in PS showing "uncalibrated" colors in PL6

I have a question about PL6. When I process a RAW file in Photoshop, convert the colors from “Display P3” to “sRGB” and save the picture using “save a copy” + “embed sRGB” (to preserve EXIF data), PL6 displays “uncalibrated”, when I open the picture there.

When I open it in PS, it shows sRGB as document profile. Why is that? Am I doing something wrong?

When I save the same picture using “export as” JPEG + embed sRGB, PL6 shows “sRGB”. Please take a look at the screenshot example:

Could someone please explain it to me.

Doesn’t matter:
sRGB = uncalibrated
(= The histogram is identical in both cases)

Welcome to the User forum, ISO.

This is NOT an answer to your question - but an observation/suggestion.

That’s not a good use of your investment in PhotoLab; … PL will do a better job of processing your RAW file than PS is capable of achieving.

John M

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I just exported an image with the ICC profile set to ProPhoto RGB. The exported JPG shows “uncalibrated” in exiftool.

Then I exported it again with ICC profile set to sRGB.
Exiftool showed sRGB.

Different histogram but the same image.


Oops !
A question in a thread shouldn’t be answered around midnight (local time)!

I wrote something stupid: sRGB is not equivalent to “uncalibrated”, it’s even the opposite! By definition according to the IEC standard, an image file with an embedded sRGB profile is “calibrated”.
If there is no profile, it can be considered that it is also calibrated: it must be read as if there were an sRGB profile.
And finally, if there is any other profile (Abobe RGB, ProPhoto, …) it is considered “uncalibrated”, in the sense that it is not calibrated with the sRGB profile. But normally, if “uncalibrated” is present in the exif metadata, the software should be able to display the name of the embedded profile. It seems that this is not the case here, it remains to be seen why.

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… yes and in this case Display P3 (as called by DxO) …

But normally, if “uncalibrated” is present in the exif metadata, the software should be able to display the name of the embedded profile.

It has been a while like this – suppose it depends on what information the camera stores and which exif tags are then read by the software.

→ But, I’m not so sure, what @ISO6400 did, the “Result 2” showing a different entry ( no sRGB ).

Ok. In my example what is the use of exporting in another profile as sRGB? I did export with ProPhoto. the image is different when opened for there’s no conversion from ProPhoto to monitor’s profile. Where is all that color management??


No reaction?


Hello John,
it was just an example to display the problem. The picture in question (a Sony ARW raw file) got through PL6 first (where noise reduction & lens sharpness was applied), before it got processed as DNG file in PS. I didn’t mention it, because it wasn’t relevant to the problem. But thanks.

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But, I’m not so sure, what @ISO6400 did, the “Result 2” showing a different entry ( no sRGB ).

I described what I’ve done in the screenshot above “result 2”:

  • I opened a RAW file in PS (doesn’t matter if it’s ARW from my camera or processed DNG from PL6)
  • in PS I applied “Convert to Profile” - “sRGB IEC…”
  • “Save a Copy” - “JPEG” & “Embed Color Profile: sRGB…”
  • when I open it in PL6, this combination shows “uncalibrated” result.

Thank you to complete your descriptions.

Had already taken testshots – as usual jpg and raw parallel, additionally changed the camera’s setting from AdobeRGB to sRGB to find out differences … but reduce it here to the first raw-file / ARGB.

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Thank you Wolfgang, I really appreciate your help! After seeing your example I thought that maybe it’s the combination with my ARW Sony file, that’s why I downloaded a Nikon D750 NEF raw file from the internet.
Sadly even with this file I’m still getting the same “uncalibrated” PL6 info result. Why is this the case?
I will describe my process in greater detail. It would be nice if you or someone else could help me out.

To make it less complicated, I skip the first PL6 step and just open the Nikon NEF file directly in Photoshop.

  • when I open it in PS, Camera Raw kicks in, with following settings. I have to put all screenshots into one file, because of forum restrictions…

  • I press “Open as Object” to transfer it into PS
  • in PS I go to edit - “Convert to Profile” - “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” - OK
  • “Save a Copy” - “JPEG” & “Embed Color Profile sRGB IEC61966-2.1”
  • After opening of the JPEG in PL6 it shows “uncalibrated”

I’m on the PhotoLab 6.1.1 build 38 (Elite) version (in macOS). I would be glad for any help.

P.S. When are forum restrictions for new users ending? My answers are being displayed hours later and I’m only able to upload one screenshot for some reason. This is counterproductive, especially for new users with software problems.

Hello there.

One thing you could do is to update to latest version of PhotoLab. 6.1.1 is not fully up to date.

You are not going to believe it – and no idea why it is like that :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

After successfully trying with an *.arw-file from another forum user, I noticed in your detailed description / screenshots, that you converted in PS with rendering intent relative colorimetric. So I thought to do the same … and bingo – instead of sRGB PL now showed the jpg as uncalibrated.

I could not believe it, repeated with perceptual and relative colorimetric, turned black point compensation on and off, did the same thing with my *.nef-file
everything with rendering intent relative colorimetric showed uncalibrated.

The strange thing is, that all jpgs regardless of their conversion are in sRGB colour space
(shown so in ExifTool → paragraph ExifIFD).

[ BTW, I had to go the DNG route, as the old PS cannot handle those ‘new’ raw-files. ]

Repeated the test now in daylight (and fully awake) with
Synchronize metadata with XMP sidecar files

the same thing.

PS conversion with rendering intent perceptual → PL6 shows the jpg as “sRGB”
PS conversion with rendering intent relative colorimetric → PL6 shows the jpg as “uncalibrated”


You did go through the soft proofing tool?


Hi George,
no – no softproof involved.

I have no idea, why the conversion to sRGB done in PS then shows up differently in PL.
Suppose it has to do with how PL reads metadata, but … ?

Your test was done in PS. That wasn’t clear to me.


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Wolfgang, thank you so much for your time and effort! I’m glad you found the exact parameter that is causing it. I was afraid that I was doing something wrong, but “relative colorimetric” seems the default value in (recent) PS, therefore it should be safe to use.
Now I’m just surprised that PL6 isn’t interpreting it “correctly”. Maybe DxO should look into it?..

Thank you once again & have a nice evening!

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Well, commonly the “safe bet” is perceptual and lot of profiles are made like this.
But the use of relative colorimetric puts it in your hands how to control oog colours.

I have no idea, why PL6 showed uncalibrated inspite the jpg definitely had been converted to sRGB.

Did you update PL by now and tried again?

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Neither of the two latest updates changed anything. 6.3 PL still shows “uncalibrated”.

Considering that this is Photoshop’s default setting, I find the problem a little bit strange and think that DxO should change that, or at least look into it…