January update

Is there any chance of an update on what was meant to be the January update this afternoon?

I can’t speak to when the next point release will be implemented, but why are you asking if it will be available this afternoon? That is very specific.


There have been a number of posts from DXO staff on it being released today/afternoon, the most recent this morning Hello @Junmoe,

It’s normal, update will be available around 3pm, Paris time (France).

towards the end of Lens profile update needed when using the Olympus MC-20 convertor. It’s not my idea other than a query as to where it got to with no customer information again.

I’ve been wondering if this referred to just a new lens profile or to an entire PhotoLab update. I remember other references to planned updates in January and February, so am likewise interested in clarification.

Have you checked DPL for Updates? Might be worth wile… My DPL is now v 3.1.2 build 42 on macOS.

I believe she was probably referring to a new lens profile.


You may well be right, there had been a number of mentions over the last few weeks of, as was said above, an update in January/Febuary and I put what may well have that for an update.

Here’s where she said so

Meanwhile, most of the time update are not available around the globe at the same time, so they don’t overload their server. I’ll check tomorrow and sure there’s going to be some talk about it, maybe this update won’t bug like last for me.