It's almost much longer for High Efficiency Raw support for the Z9

We’ve been told, for some time now, that support was coming soon…or by the end of the year…yet here we are, almost to December, and still no support. As a simple courtesy to those who are using PhotoLab, many of us through each update, could we get a more specific timetable of when support for these files will finally arrive?

I thought that was fixed a long time ago. Well for Sony A7 IV it took almost exactly six months. Maybe it can used as a rule of thumb.

Nikon uses a proprietary high efficiency compression licensed from intoPIX Tico and evidently not in firmware but actually part of the Expeed ASIC/s used in the Z9. It is unclear if those DxO “competitors” that can process Z9 HE formats reverse engineered or licensed the HE specifics. If licensed, it is unclear how much money Nikon/intoPIX would demand from DxO and under what contractual agreements the license would be granted, and for what time interval. Any information from DxO (Marie? Svetlana? Others?)?