Issues with DJI Mini 2 in PL

Hello everyone,

I took advantage of the Black Friday promo and switched from Lightroom to DXO PL, so new user here.

I installed the DJI mini 2 modules on my PL 5 but it still says that my DNGs cannot be processed in PL. I’m running PL 5.0.2 on macOS Monterey. Could anyone help me?



Strange. It works fine on Windows. Are your DNGs unmodified from the camera?

Hi Daniel and welcome. You’re going to love PL5 once you get used to it.

You say you downloaded “modules”(plural). Did you download more than one module for the same photo? If so, there could be a conflict between the two modules. You’ll need to get rid of one of them in order to resolve the conflict.

Thanks Mark, I said modules because I have different gear but only one module for my drone. I believe Keith has nailed where the issue lies, the only images that have this issue are the merged dng HDRs I did in Lightroom. Any tips on bringing my edis from Lightroom into PL?

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Keith thanks for the reply. This could indeed be the source of the problem, this was an HDR merged in Lightroom. I see that other images from my drone read well but not the HDRs. Could this be the case? If so, is there a way to bring my edits from Lightroom into PL?

Hi Daniel, this is indeed your problem. For your HDR merged files, the safest way to bring them back into PL is to save as 16bit TIF files which can be read by PL. Your HDR merged file will not be a raw file so you will not lose anything by using 16bit TIF.

You could try a different format DNG but PL is very picky about what it will read.