Issues using PureRAW 2 when using Lightroom masks

One of the benefits of PureRAW 2 is that it works as a plugin inside Lightroom, which is great. I also believe I am supposed to be able to use it at any point in my workflow, and it will apply any edits I’ve made to the file via metadata. So far so good.

Unfortunately I have noticed that if you use Lightroom’s masking feature for things like subject or sky detection, when you reimport the file into Lightroom the masks are in the wrong place, no doubt as a result of the lens corrections applied in DxO. You can’t “update” a mask like this afaik, so the only solution is to delete the mask and create it from scratch.

Here are a couple of photos with a before export to DxO PureRAW 2/ after reimport from DxO PureRAW 2 so you can see what I mean. Slightly exaggerated editing, but you can see how the mask has shifted.

Hi Laurence and welcome.

Yes this is the result of applying lens corrections after masking. It simply cannot be done. You need to use PR2 for the lens corrections first, before masking.