Issues between DXO 5.2.1 & LR 11.3.1

I am having issues getting DXO to see LR so I can’t send images between the 2. The rest of the DXO programs work (Nik, Film, VP) with adobe’s programs incl. LR.

I have removed Photolab and re-installed it, then did the same with LR, then I did it inverse. DXO is still not creating the necessary plugin and I don’t know if and how I can do it manually.

The only way to do it is via a TIFF file now and I don’t want this as a solution as my workflow is DXO>LR>PS.

Any chance someone has it fixed or could possibly upload the plugin for manual installation? I don’t want to go back to Photolab 4.

Thank you.

This is annoying. Removed everything, re-installed everything like 2-3 times, even went back to PL 4 and still nothing is working.

Can someone please upload his windows DXO plugin modules for LR in zip file? I want to try and do a forced installation. (c:\users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom\modules\dxo*)

Even Nik is broken now in PL5 :confused:

Hello @sakisf ,

Could you, please create a ticket via and you’ll be assisted with the fix .

Svetlana G.