Issue with printing on Canon Pro-10 from PL 6

Just installed PL 6 and View Point 4.0. I am running Windows 11 on a PC. No problem with PL 5 (other than as mentioned below) and VP 3.0 .
Has anyone noticed any irregularities when printing to a Canon inkjet (mine is a Pro-10).
The problem I have is sometimes the selected borders are WAY out of line with the selected.
I selected 1/2" borders on a 13x19" (A3+ paper). What I got was about 3" on one side and 2 1/2" on the other.
The printed area was about 9" x 12" . I rechecked my selections using “Printer Properties”, and they were all OK, same as I always use.
Repeated print, and got the same result a second time. Rebooted everything and next print was normal. Later with another image, I got the same weird result as described above, then since, things have been normal ?? No repeat since.
Shortly after that I printed an image that came out fine, but printed 2 sheets. Pretty sure I had only asked for one.
I tried one print from another post processing program and printing was normal as far as dimensions went.
Has anyone else seen this problem? At $2.00 per sheet plus Canon inks for A3+ sized Luster paper is too expensive for me to be “wasting” on unpredictable printing results.
A few years ago I had a different problem with printing and DXO got it solved in a reasonable time. I commend them for that, though I was not the only one having an issue (again, with selected Canon printers). Hope I / we can get this solved. Thanks for any comments or help you can, or care to offer.

Unfortunately, PhotoLab’s print dialog is total rubbish. I suggest you export to TIFF at the finished size (either in pixels or mm) and then use Canon’s own print utility.

On a Mac, I mostly use Preview or the ColorSync Utility, both of which handle assigning printer profiles but I have also used the Canon utility for my Canon Pro 1000.

We always had odd sized margins so gave up using it. Said to be re doing it years ago but as with so many other things never came to anything.