Issue with HSL in local adjustment

Found the following in DPL 7.3 on macOS 12.7.3

When I create a control line LA and then want to apply a HSL adjustment, the four corners of the selected inner ring segment cannot be moved. I need to move the outer ring segment first, before the corners can be moved.

This issue is not present in GA HSL.

quickly checked with PL 7.4.0 Build 151 ( Win 10 )
… seems to work w/o that problem

Just checked here.

I could only move the inner wedge after I had displaced the outer dot.

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Same with 7.3 on Win 10.

When first watching related tutorials online, the MAC / Windows differences led to a lot of confusion(this does not mean I am no longer confused).

Seems to be a DPL on MAC issue then… BTW, have sent this to support too.