ISO Switch for using DeepPrime

Hi all,

Would be great to be able to export images with or without DeepPrime, based on what ISO is being shot. For example if image is over ISO 3200 apply iso preset, if under do not apply.


The complication for this is that the “ISO threshold” would differ for different cameras/sensors - it’s not just one fixed ISO value … Also, the DeepPRIME process is smart; it does not apply NR unless it determines that the specific image warrants it - - so, there’s no downside to applying DeepPRIME to all images, even if they don’t really need it (other than, of course, processing time … and, perhaps that was your concern?)

John M


Yes time the concern, John-M.

Been working on HDR images with bracketed shots of 5. So 100 final images starts with 500 images to process ready for HDR. Would be good to limit shots in that group that had a known good ISO.


for this very reason ( high ISO, not HDR :slight_smile: ) I’m hoping for a better filtering menue.

have fun, Wolfgang

I second that, I get the impression that DxO prefer to focus on flash new features, not realizing how much they let themselves down in the field of basic usability.

Simple, core functionality such as sorting, filters, and basic file handling is quite literally expected to be included in any profession level package these days, but the completeness of PL’s functionality in these areas is woefully lacking.

One of the reasons I was slow to move from LR to PL was quite literally these missing features…

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In an Preset-definition it would be very helpful to define Deep-Prime for an given camera from an given ISO-value onwards.

Don’t bother. You will get an improvement with almost any ISO, especially in shadow detail.

Thank you, but what I want is: if I open an ISO 100 picture I don’t want Deep-Prime, if I open an ISO 3200 picture, I want to enable (automaticly by preset) Deep-Prime.


And, in return to you, my question is, if you have a 100 ISO picture with deep shadows, why wouldn’t you want to remove the noise that is very likely to be in the shadows?

200% crop of image taken at ISO 100


With DeepPRìME…

The difference is speed. My systems takes a lot longer for calculating an Deep-Prime picture. “deep shadows” is not my normal use-case.

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I had already made a similar request. Image search with ISO range.
Not every user has a super fast computer. My computer needs for an image with DeepPRIME almost 2 minutes for the export. That’s with 1000 vacation pictures … :rage:
A selection according to ISO makes sense.

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I do have to ask why you need to take, let alone export, 1000 pictures. But, if you do, why not just export the ones for which you have immediate need, use them and then delete them. PL can recreate them whenever you need them.

For a trip with a duration of 4 weeks this is approx. 33 pictures per day or approx. 3 pictures per hour. :grinning:

And you need to have a fully processed export of every single one at the same time?

Yes. You can certainly work differently, but that’s how I have worked for almost 10 years.

If you don’t want this suggestion: don’t vote. It’s quite simple;-)

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Which leads me to the next question(s)

  1. Are you saying that you never take a bad photo and that every single one of those 1000 photos is a keeper?

  2. Why do you feel you need to fill hard disks with thousands of JPEGs as well as the original RAWs?

Not pestering, just very curious :nerd_face:

The 1000 photos were only intended as an example. The general use of DeepPRIME can also be a question of time. Anyone who has a fast computer is welcome to do that. If you don’t, you should be able to conveniently select the relevant images.

  1. Of course, not all images are correct. These are sorted out beforehand.
  2. Because I can view the JPEGs straight away and because my computer is not the fastest and it takes much longer to start DxO PL than a JPEG image viewer.

Doesn’t your computer preview RAW files in Explorer/Finder?