ISO selection

It would be good if I could sort opened photos by ISO. So you could use DeepPrime from ISO 2000 and below PRIME. That would be a relief. CameraRAW and Lightroom have had this selection for a long time.
At a wedding I shoot with Auto ISO. Here it would be good if I had the possibility to sort the images to select the noise reduction according to the ISO.

You can sort by ISO in a folder.

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Or you can simply use DeepPRIME for everything. It does no harm.

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Yes Joanna is right.
Why use Prime ? Maybe a material limitation ?
Since the arrival of DeepPrime I have not used Prime anymore and it works very well.
You can test but some use it systematically even at low ISO.

Indeed. It helps bring out shadow detail.

THX… I didn’t look there…

I only have one RX580 and therefore I have to economize on the resources.

This feature request already exists and is open for votes:

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