Is updating necessary?

I updated to the latest version of PL2 the other day but I wasn’t sure whether it was necessary. I didn’t need any of the new modules, and did it basically for the “bug fixes” mentioned but mainly to keep it up-to-date.

It may be that a future update will have something more obviously useful to me, so my question is: if I skip the next (say) two or three updates and then decide I’d like the fourth one, would the fact that I had skipped some updates be likely to cause problems for me?

(My PL seemed to update without issues the other day, but it gives the impression of being a bit slower to render the preview now, hence I’d prefer to leave alone in future unless some definite improvement seems promised).

Jul, this is always a trick question.
main reason to upgrade are:

  • camera support (lens support)
  • The new features on the new released version (personal judgement)
  • being supportive by buying the latest version to keep the updates coming in the expectation that there is some “goodies” in the near future.

Further in the software marketing you can detect release flows from other brands which influences the others to keep up. So in fact after a minor update will often come a bigger (more new “goodies”) update to keep position in the ratrace…

Back to your question: necessary? If the camera’s and other lenses are in your present version are working, no, not necessary because you can do the thing you need. But if the new features of V3 are appealing after release and the pay is reasonable in your eye’s why not?
I spent around 200 euro’s in one day by visiting the zoo and in return i had a great day, lots of pictures and dinner at the end of the day, bought some gifts for the kids. A lot of money? yes! was it worth it ? YES.
Can’t go every month but good things in live cost money, hence live it selves cost money! that’s why they invented that stuff. :grin:

So keep your eye’s on the release info of v3 when it is presented and decide for your self if it’s worth it. The odds of software’s “every second release is a difference” are with you.:wink:

But beware of what happens last year, the reductions for buying an upgrade were well and truly beaten by those offered during latter reductions. So it may well be worth waiting for black Friday offers!

I wasn’t referring to paid major new version releases and my query isn’t motivated by considerations of cost. The minor update which was released recently was the first, AFAIK, since I happily paid for PL2 (essential version) which came with the upgraded Nik suite I bought a few months back. I’m only referring to minor updates to my existing version 2. Some users seem to have had issues after installing the latest minor update, and I wouldn’t want to risk that when I’m happy with my current PL2. But if a future minor (unpaid) update looked useful (e.g. adding a relevant module) would it integrate into my existing version if I hadn’t downloaded all minor updates prior to that release?

I don’t have the elite version of PL2 because my type of photography doesn’t require sophisticated NR, and whilst I was impressed by ClearView when I trialled the software, I felt there was a danger that I might abuse it. If I change my mind about this, I’ll happily pay to upgrade.

owh, you mean the launch issue?
developers are working to repair that problem. so when fixed don’t hesitate to update. They will announce the fixed release and until then indeed don’t update.

I see you bought NIK and Dfine2 is very capable to run after HQ denoise. its around setting 70% of PRIME when you do a HQ and tiff 16bit in Dfine2 automode.

Then again Essential vs Elite is more then only PRIME and Clearview plus but if you like your present toolkit why upgrade to v2-Elite.
If you wait for the new release v3 (somewhere in the Fall) you can run your V2 essential and v3 elite trail next to each other just to see if it’s suits your needs or the Elite looks more appealing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies🙂

I understand what you were asking.

The answer is yes. Unless a minimum version or pre-requisite is specified, you can go from an earlier build to a latter build. Example 2.1 > 2.3 skipping 2.2 all together.

As Peter points out, the bug fixes and feature enhancements are usually worth while. Updates in the same release are also free. A later update will add all of the functionality you “skipped” by not updating as each new build was released. So if you review the release notes and find that there is nothing “new” for you, you can skip. Staying up to date doesn’t hurt either. There is nothing to be fearful of.

Take necessary precautions (as with any software or update). Ensure you have a copy of the last installer. (Or ask me, I have all of them - Windows). Implement a back up solution. Software is not infallible, and hardware fails. Neither should cause heartache or pain.

Will also add, I noted the software loads slightly slower (2.3.1) when launched now. Going to spend time with it tomorrow and see how the rendering does. 2.3.0 was super peppy on my machine.

*Couldn’t wait - Software Loading is about 1 sec longer - no big deal (6-7 sec)

Rendering is the same for me and that’s what counts. Images display immediately when clicked, and fully render within 2 sec. Again, not complaining.


To add new information about the launch issue:

Thank you Rick for the clarification, this is helpful.

Jul, I am a DxO OP and PL since 2004.
I must say that always did intermediate (staying in the same version number) upgrade.
It’s always useful to make these kind of upgrades. Considerations made by OXiDant and shadowssports are perfectly correct