Is there ETA for optic modules for the new Nikon Z5 and the new lenses?

I know it is very early but the new Nikkor Z 24-200 lenses is now released and the Z5 body is due in the next 30 days. So I would like to know if there is any plan to support those in the optic module yet because I can’t see in the list (both supported and future version to be supported).

So is there any ETA? If so when will it be supported? (Or where can I check this information from?)

Last time I wait 3 full months for Z50 to be support and force me to use LR instead. Hope that this time it won’t be as slow.

Hello @Chayuth,

we will support the Z5 in the autumn.
the support of the Z 24-200 should come with it but it will depend when we can get the lens.


Well, I’m out of hope…waiting till 8 months now for the module of the Nikon Z DX 16-50 for the Z7!

Autumn can be until Dec so basically it’s 4-5 month wait?

It will be about 3 months and not 4 or 5.

About lenses Z DX on full frame cameras they were not planned but we will add them at same time as support of Z5.


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