Is there anything new?

I looked over the webpage announcing version 5 and saw all of the market-speak stuff: Eight plug-ins. Endless possibilities, Packed with upgrades, Unlimited creativity and so on, but nowhere did it tell me if anything was really new, other than the interface.

Is there any new functionality? Is there any reason to pay for the upgrade? The last time I wanted to know I downloaded and installed the upgrade, and found out that it removed all of my current plugins. I still had the old installers, but they no longer worked on my updated OS so I was stuck with the upgrade. I would rather not do that again, so I thought I would ask.

The only information I could find are “Why Upgrade” tab on Nik Website:

Comparing with Version 5 looks like only Color Efex and Analog Efex have upgrades, new interface and control points like Silver Efex and Viveza (Nik 4). The others might be the same ones as version 4. I could not find any information about the others plugins.

I use a lot Silver and Viveza, but the trick thing is that from now if there is a fix on Silver or Viveza I will only be able to update if the version 5 is installed. So we have to upgrade to version 5 to keep the whole set updated.

For those that are still on version 2 or 3 will be a significant upgrade.

And yes, installing the demo will overwrite the old version.

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Thank you. Given that, I may skip this version and upgrade when version 6 is available. The lower upgrade cost seems to cover the last 2 versions, so perhaps that will work for me.

I find I rarely use anything other than the HDR plugin and Viveza, although I sometimes do use Color Efex, so there is not much for me in 5.

Ask for a real changelog - there is one but not for customers. I guess they won’t tell you, because of to many minor fixes and changes no real version upgrade.

You can always try the new release, just make sure you have the installer of your current version for fallback.

If you’ve bought the collection, you can download the installer from your shop account.

Yes, but that only works as long as the old installer works on the current OS on my MBP. That is what got me into trouble with version 3 since the version 3 installer no longer worked on the OS on the computer, so I could not reinstall it.

I suppose the version 4 installer would still work under the current OS (Monterey) but perhaps I should backup the computer and the do another version 4 install to verify that.

Once bitten, twice shy … :grinning:

…strange, just installed Nik 3.3 on macOS Monterey on iMac 2019.
While all apps open (tried them standalone), not all accepted the images I used for testing, which is to be (partially) expected because of this: