Is there any way to

I often export images to an external editor for further processing. PhotoLab always puts up an “Export to application finished” message when the export is done and that message blocks the part of the external editor that I need to use. I have tried dismissing it, but that does not work and I end up having to sit there and wait for it to close itself.

Is there any way to suppress this message? Or, failing that, to close it?

What editor exactly?
Does it accept the format (TIFF 16b / Linear DNG)?

PhotoLine. As for the formats it accepts, I assume it accepts both you have listed although I have not tested those specifically. I do not even know how to create either of them directly. If you can tell me how to create them I can test it.

Why do you ask?

It would be nice to check the input formats to start finding the solution.
When you “export to apllication”, you must specify an interface format.

Sure, but the choices are only jpg, tiff or dng, and PhotoLine accepts all of those.

Regardless, I do not see what the format has to do with the completion message that PhotoLab puts up, which was the reason that I created this thread. PhotoLab displays the message saying that the export has been done regardless of the format of the image being passed, and I wanted to know if there was some way to suppress this message since it interferes with the PhotoLine tool bar and with what I am trying to do in that editor.

I do not see what the format of the passed image has to do with the completion message? Am I missing something?

Hello @MikeFromMesa,

I don’t get what message are you talking about as I don’t have any with “Export to application”. Please, have a look:

So, could you, please clarify?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

Of course.

First, here is a screen shot of the Export to application button in PhotoLab:

And here is a screen shot of the Export to application message that pops up when an export has completed:


The second message stays open for a couple of seconds and covers up the part of my external pixel editor that I need to work with, so I have to sit there and wait.

Oh, that is from Mac and that is why we have the differences with you :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll ask guys from Mac to have a look.

Svetlana G.

I did not know that the same functionality does not exist in the Windows version. Sorry. I guess I should have specified, but I thought the functionality was the same on both sides.

These are desktop alerts from your OS as Svetlana pointed out. Maybe this helps:

But the style of the popup differs a little bit from the ones on the apple site, so I hope this is not a private implementation in contrast to the system ones.

Asser is right

You can mange the system notification in system preferences

Yes. Thank you. I thought that the message came directly from PhotoLab.

I have now turned Notifications off for PhotoLab and when I tried to reproduce the issue I could not, so the problem has been solved.

Thank you all again.

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