Is there any way to batch edit and process raw files in PL4? or in PL5?

I am own PL 4 and want something to process sony a7r3A files until the camera comes to Pure raw.

Not sure what your goal is exactly, but you can edit one photo (general edits) copy the edits and then paste them to a group of photos that you select by highlighting the first new image in the batch and holding the shift key and highlighting the last image in the batch. Once they are selected you paste the edits from the first step. The process works generally well. I use it quite often and then go back in and refine each image later, if needed. Hope this helps some.


I am not sure why people seem to not understand what people mean by this…

People want a volume editing solution that analyzes a large quantity of images (usually in a volume shooting situation like sports) and then determines general things like noise reduction and sharpness individually for each file (like DXO’s competitor AI series). Not apply just the same settings in a copy and paste process. DXO Pure Raw DOES this… But it’s like pulling teeth to get DXO to comment on whether or not PhotoLab will… they give you the run around over analyzing what you are asking…

Assuming your lenses have a DxO lens profile then exporting a batch of them with the default optical settings already does that. The defaults for Vignetting, Lens sharpnessi, Lens distortion, and chromatic aberration are specific to your lenses. DeepPRIME and DeepPRIME XD nose reduction are already AI based. .

What many of us do is batch export with just Noise Reduction and the optical adjustment selected using the “Export As DNG(Denoise and optical corrections only)” option and then continue our editing on the DNG files.



What Mark said … … also;

Quite a few of PL’s tools are “auto adaptive”, in that they apply different degrees of impact to the image depending on aspects of the image itself;

  • any of the tools with the “magic wand” setting are examples of this
  • as is the Centre Weighted Average correction-type for Exposure Compensation,
  • and the Spot Weighted tool for Smart Lighting,
  • etc

Rather than Copy/Paste, tho, try selecting multiple images (in the Image Browser) - The first one selected will appear in the main screen, but any corrections applied will impact all those selected. Try the examples mentioned above.

John M

It’s just a matter of whether or not you can do this with 300-1000 files at a time. I know I can with DXO PureRAW… Can I upgrade and still get that with PL6? It’s not a very obvious or advertised feature if you can… and inquiring with the company was nearly a waste of time.

I cannot say if you would have any problems exporting a thousand Raw files in a single batch using Export as DNG (Denoise and optical corrections only). Depending on your computer and graphics card it could take anywhere from an hour or so to a day or more, and a thousand DNG files, depending on the size of the original raws, could take up a prodigious amount of space.


I have done a test with PL 5 and also PL 4 as beta tester many years ago and exported 1500 raw files in one go with the standard preset. I started it in the evening and next morning all was done, no problems. I do not remember how long it took though but my imac is pretty old so definitely not the fastest machine. I did the same by the way with PL6 and also no problems.

Were they all exported as DNG files? That is the question I was referring to in my post.


Sorry have missed that and no, they were 16-bit tiffs.

That is still a good sign since tiff files are much much larger than JPEGs.


I do this with every beta test and I have never had any problem with DXO

Since PhotoLab 6 was released several people have posted here that large batched exports failed before completing. I think this occurred mostly or completely on the Mac side.