Is there any information about Sigma 35mm f/2 DG DN Contemporary Sony E?


I recently received a Sigma 35mm f/2 and am very pleased with this lens.
But it turned out it doesn’t have DxO PhotoLab support yet.
Lens 2020 announcement.
Are there any plans to release a profile of this lens?
Left a support request.

Thank you for your attention :wink:

Hello Drimtry,

this lens is really nice and I’m also waiting to see a lens profile for L-Mount. Until then:

You can correct it’s distortion manually (at around 40% barrel) if you also have Viewpoint V4

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But, since that doesn’t exist, you can also use V3 :wink:

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I’m a bit confused with comparing a couple of RAW converters and viewers, some of them version 5, 3 or 4, others 21 (but actually 13) and here in the office I have no access to PL, sorry, could not check, of course VP3.

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To make things more confusing, PhotoLab 1, released in 2017, was a rebranding of OpticsPro. If they had not renamed the product, the current version would be OpticsPro 16, not PhotoLab 5. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the tip

Actually, I’m most interested in the “Lens sharpness” tool.
I really liked his work.