Is there a way to retrieve keywords (PhotoLab 5)?

I made some improvements to my old PC and installed a new nvme hard drive on my new motherboard. It was not possible to make a mirror copy of my old drive and I had to reinstall PhotoLab 5. I had entered a lot of keywords: I can’t find any in the list, which may be normal at first, but how do I get them back from my photos? Do I have to activate the synchronization and in which priority direction does it take place? Ideally, this synchronisation should be done from an old catalogue to a new one…
Thank you for your help.


Where do you store your keywords? In the catalog or in Side-Car XMP files?
If it’s in XMP files you can rebuild your database and in this way your keywords will come back, it will be necessary to validate the synchronization.
Otherwise, you have to recover your database and import it, it will be necessary that your entire folder structure is the same.

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Thank you for your feedback.
Good question. I will have to check in the dop and xmp files. I must admit that I never worried too much about these keywords thinking -too naively- that I could easily retrieve them in a new catalog…

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Now that I’m experiencing this type of problem, I’m wondering what’s best, to activate these synchronizations or not in the Prefernces panel? In which direction do they occur?

PS: how to attach a screenshot?

Hello Frank,
I did copy the entire catalog and I could retrive the keywords. Thanks again. !

In PL5 how do I store the keybords also in the xmp files ?

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Go to PhotoLab’s File Menu and export settings and then write metadata manually.

Doing this will overwrite whatever you have by what’s stored in the database. Please note that reading/importing leaves out a few things - search the forum for details.

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