Is there a way to protect part of the image using Control Points?

Some of the other Nik applications have negative Control Points but I don’t see that in Silver Efex Pro.
I’m on Windows 10.

Many thanks.

After I posted I realized that creating a new Control Point will protect an area. Is that correct?

this is correct

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A negative CP is merely a CP with 0% opacity. Set a CP on an area that you wish to protect, set it’s opacity to 0% then adjust the radius according to the needs of your image.

Got it. Thanks.

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Dear @rrblint

I’ve found this answer, but didn’t find the opacity setting you talk about.
Windows 10, DPL4 elite, NIK Col 3. SEP2

CP in Silver Efex

Thanks in advance


Hi Guenter. The CPs in the different Nik modules act differently and it’s very confusing. They need to be standardized. Some have an opacity slider that needs to be manually set to 0% to act as a negative CP and others like SEP2 don’t. In these cases simply place the CP on the area which you wish to protect and make no adjustments and it will act as a negative CP automatically.

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Dear Mark,

thanks a lot… I am afraid this will be a long journey to work with NIK.

Maybe i will have a look for a good book about.

Nice evening


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Morning all,

if somebody is interested I found Master the Nik Collection with these Great Tutorials - Lenscraft with some free tutorials, and also this book Nik Silver Efex Pro Book - Lenscraft by Robin Whalley
Lot of stuff to learn