Is there a way to increase the size of the scrollbars?

Hello all. Is there a way to increase the bar size (width)? I find them a bit too small.

What exactly do you mean by too small?

I can’t speak to the Mac version, but there are no adjustments to the scrollbars available in the Windows version.


Indeed. Scrollbars are a system provided resource, that are scaled together with screen resolution and font size.

While, in theory, it should be possible, the problems associated with global and app -specific metrics, along with individual user preferences would make for a developer’s nightmare.

Highlighted in red is what I mean.

I’m using Mac, I’ll check google if it’s something that can be handled from the OS.

The size of your scrollbar depends on the max. size of the list and the size of the window. Make the window larger or smaller and you’ll the size of the scrollbar changing. It’s not the scrollbar but the slider within the scrollbar.