Is there a way to improve the performance of Color Efex Pro 2?

So I am using NIK Color Efex Pro 2. I was previously on an old Mac Book Pro 2014 with an Nvidia card. I have upgraded to a new machine on Windows. I have migrated everything over recipes etc. My goal of this migration was to dramatically improve my performance or speed of batch edits. My old MAC would die if I tried to do more than say 9-10 files at a time. So the good news my new machine handles really large batches like 29 images at once. The problem I have is that it takes the same time to save it and run the recipes as it did on the 5 year old MAC. I have a 2060 Super card in and I have use GPU for processing images enable. Is there a way to get faster performance out of the software?

Thanks to anyone who can answer.

suppose it’s a recent question …

check your Preferences
Screen Shot 10-20-23 at 11.17 PM
= screenshot from Color Efex 5