Is there a way to force PL3 to use a lens profile other than the one in the EXIF?

I’ve swapped from my Nikon 14mm f/2.8D (ancient beast) to the new Rokinon/Samyang 14mm f/2.4 SP/XP. It’s seriously better than the Nikon but PL3 insists that I use the lens profile for the Samyang 14mm f/2.8 UMC. Distortion-wise the output from the 2.4 is very different from the 2.8 (less vignetting in the corners - particularly when stopped down to 2.8 - and it doesn’t have the ‘mustache’ distortion that the (IMO much lesser) 2.8 UMC did. That profile is giving me too much un-vignetting (not sure that’s a word) and a correction for a mustache distortion that isn’t there.
So… Is there a way for me to force PL3 to use a different profile? (it’s more similar to the Nikon 14-24 2.8 than to the Samyang with a similar name)
There isn’t a DxO profile yet for this Samyang/Rokinon lens. Is one planned?
Is there a way for me to make my own profile? If so, any chances of a pointer to a how-to?

As a side note, I very much recommend this lens. I bought it for night sky photography where autofocus is a dis-feature, but it’s been spectacular for fall foliage, now that I’m used to Nikon’s focus assist system.
Does anyone else here own this lens? If it turns out that I can make a profile, I’m glad to share. I’m on a Nikon F-mount, but there are Canon and Sony versions. I imagine anything I could cobble together would, with some header changes, work as well on those platforms. And no, I don’t expect to make anything as good as what the DxO folks provide - but there isn’t one (yet?)

As far as i know DxOPL reads the lensname and type and download it’s own optical module. (it don’t uses the exif data to correct optical errors.)
You can deny it from downloading that optical module.

If you alter the lens name and type in the exif of the raw file maybe it seeks for that one instead.
And uses that profile from that point.

Edit: What you also can/could do is create a partial preset with all manual corrected lens related corrections, manual finetuning the lenscorrection features. And use that over a global preset when you have a rawfile with that lens used.

I’ll give that a shot. Problem is, I switch lenses a lot (like everybody else, I guess).

Similarly, it would be nice if you could select a different lens profile when one does not exist for teh combination nation actually used. I am using several E-mount lenses on a Nikon Z camera via a lens adapter. I doubt if DxO could test all of the possible combinations of cameras, adapters and lenses, but being able to select a basic lens profile could make DXO useful in this regard,