Is there a PL4 manual available in PDF (or other ebook format)?

I’d love a copy; online works for me, but no internet up at our lake place (and hardly any cell connectivity.

I think this is it: user-guide / photolab - 4 -en. pdf

For anyone without PL4 to launch help from (PL2/3 user trying to decide but not wanting to start the trial just yet), it’s at

I think @bobkoure is reading the PL4 manual to get a good idea of the feature differences ahead of trialling/purchasing. A good idea in my view. As good as the marketing demo stuff is, the manual can let you in on a lot more detail of changes.

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Something to have in mind: the online help guide for PL4 will change a bit as typos are fixed and confusing instructions are identified and improved. (I’ve reported a few myself.) So don’t keep your PDF copy around for too long. :wink:

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I used to have some online documentation I maintained in a previous job which people liked to print out. I found a way that any printed copy would automatically get “PRINTED ON 05 NOVEMBER 2020. FOR LATEST VERSION PLEASE SEE ONLINE.” :grinning: #NoComebacks