Is the stand alone version of FilmPack usable after activation in PhotoLab 3?

The stand alone version won’t open for me anymore on my Win 10 laptop since I activated FP in PL3. I’m not sure I’ll need it but it might be nice to view thumbnails. Maybe re-install?

Thanks again.

It should open. As far as the thumbnails are concerned, I created 82 FilmPack presets for use in PhotoLab which serve that purpose.


Hmmm, maybe I should have entered the unlock code for FilmPack in the stand alone rather than in PL3 or maybe I should re-install FP?

I installed your presets.Thanks a lot for those. There aren’t thumbnails for your presets in PL3 right?

Yes, you should see thumbnails for these filmpack presets - like for any other preset

Yes I can see the profiles in the Preset Editor palette on the left in PL3 and if I double click can apply them to a photo but I don’t see thumbnails anywhere. Where should they be? Is it something I need to toggle on?

In fact I can’t even open the stand alone paid for FilmPack 5 either. I uninstalled the previous installation, downloaded the installation files again and reinstalled but it still doesn’t open. I’m on a Win 10 64 bit laptop.

OK looks like a reboot lets me open the stand alone FP but I still don’t see thumbs of the presets in PL3.

If you are in “Customize” look at the top-right corner and you see a button called “Presets” - click on it and you see the preview thumbnails of all presets

Is you installed my presets properly you should see the thumbnails for them when you use the “Apply preset” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Making visible thumbnails was my whole purpose for creating them.


Yup, got it. Thanks!

Ah ha! I have “Apply Presets”. Click it and there they are. Many thanks!

The plugins can be launched for any open image.

Adds two usable stops to any of their cameras.