Is the Sigma 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO HSM C the "contemporary" version?

My Sigma DC 17-70mm 1:2.8-4 DC Macro HSM is not supported in combination with my Pentax K5 and K3 Mk. iii, but the “c” version of this lens is. I suppose this is the “contemporary”. I consider to buy a “contemporary” on Ebay, because of the excellent optical corrections of DxO PL, but I want to make sure that the “c” lens is the “contemporary” and is supported. Anybody who can confirm this?

By the way, the version of my Sigma with internal OS (for cameras without in-body stabilization) is mentioned in the list of supported lenses. Probably, this lens is identical to the DC 17-70mm 1:2.8-4 DC Macro HSM except for the OS. Any way to use the characteristics of this lens to add support for Pentax bodies?

PL has a module for this lens. I am not sure about your Pentax body. As far as a contemporary lens goes… just look at my photos.

See my review here:

Great APS-C Lens For Canon T6s (

PL has a module for the “c” lens, I know. But my question is: I need to be sure that the “c” lens is the “contemporary”, as I expect. Otherwise there is no reason to purchase this lens.

Yes, the “C” indicates contemporary.

The lens has a small stamp. C

Art lenses are stamped with an “A”

Sports lenses have an “S”