Is the DxO software worth it?

Hello everyone,
I recently found out the DxO Mark has their own software for editing digital photography. Knowing how DxO does crazy nominal tests on practically every camera and lens, this primed me to believe that their software must absolutely make all photos processed by their software to be corrected to perfection with little to no noise, or lens distortion.

Is this true?

Your link takes you through to the DxO website, not DxO Mark.

They are separate companies with no connection anymore.

The only DxO software is DxO Photolab etc.

I thought they were the same company (software and testing) a while back, but they are not.

DXO Mark became independent at the end of 2017.
Here the story this new company


I think that you can answer your initial question yourself : just download the trial version of DxO Photolab and give it a try.

Then, if you have specific questions about the software, many users here will be happy to answer. Your final opinion will depend on what you consider being “corrected to perfection” and on what photo hardware you’re using :yum: . DPL is generally considered as a high quality RAW processor and is probably the best denoising engine currently available. As with any other software, there are things and features that need enhancement and the development team is generally hearing suggestions with attention. When compared to Adobe or Phase One, customer support is significantly above average while the latters are currently significantly below acceptable level (from my experience).

So, go ahead and try it. We’re waiting for your questions and your opinion.

NB : DPL doesn’t support the Fujifilm X-Trans sensors at this time because they are not using a Bayer matrix.

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To add to what others have said, probably as a result of their previous relationship with DxOMark, DxO Labs, has the best camera/lens profiles available in their PhotoLab software. PhotoLab is high-end raw converter/processor software which competes directly with Lightroom and Capture One, among others, The interface is relatively simple and straightforward although there is still a leaning curve to get the best from it. While it is missing some features that it’s competition has, it also contains some features that they lack. I was a Lightroom user for years but I switched to DXO PhotoLab almost three years ago and never regretted it. Try the 30 day free trial of the full version with no restrictions.There is no obligation to buy.



Yep, plus add de-noise and sharpening which are pretty amazing.

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Me, personal states Yes.
But don’t take my word for it.
Suggestion make a test folder with images you think would benefit from a good lens module and denoising.
Install a DPL elite trail. And run the images true it wile do the same with your present rawdeveloper app. Just load and export. No fiddling. (except activate PRIME)
DPL works with presets, which are ment as startingpoint and you can personalize them to your liking.
Then use a mild form of fiddling on some images as in exposure with shadow lifting and contrast.
Worth to mention FilmPack Elite would help to get the max out DPL in shadow and highlight control. So instal this also in trail based from.

Finally if you have some development questions to images which arn’t developed to a point you like but you think it’s lack of experience in the DPL you can post it including the rawfile and forummembers are willing to helpout to seak your goal.

So just spent some time with the software. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you i got it solved…