Is PureRaw useful for PhotoLab users?

I really like what I read about PureRaw, but it does seem to be more aimed at those using Lightroom and other non-DxO software. Given that I currently use and love PhotoLab 7, does PureRaw offer anything extra or is it more a case of reorganising PL’s key features into something that those without PL can use?

In a word, no. PhotoLab does it better, with the option of fine tuning NR and sharpness


Thanks @Joanna , I really appreciate the succinct, to-the-point answer! I’ll stick with PhotoLab and remains very happy.

@Joanna is correct. PureRaw is really intended for users of Lightroom. PhotoLab has more functionality to control the similar features that are in PureRaw, assuming, of course, that you have a recent version of PhotoLab. For instance, DeepPRIME XD, which is in the current version of PureRaw, was first implemented in PhotoLab 6. Earlier versions of PhotoLab do not have that feature.


…or other sub-par RAW converters. :slight_smile:

I would go further than @Joanna’s succinct answer and say that even for purely batch processing, you can create a preset, select all, apply preset, export all. Same result as PureRAW.

But of course the real value, even just from the RAW conversion perspective, is the ability to fine tune the noise reduction and sharpening for each photo.