Is Nik collection 2 bundled with PhotoLab 3 Elite?

Hey there,

I currently have a license for PhotoLab 1 Elite and I would love to upgrade to PhotoLab 3 Elite for $69.
But, I see that there is a bundle for PhotoLab 2 (Essentials) with Nik collection 2.

Will Nik collection 2 be included with PhotoLab 3 Elite? I probably wont buy it if its not included and wait for a bit longer…


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It works the other way around, Jeroen …

If you buy the Nik Collection then you get PL2 Essentials for free.

  • Now that PL3 is out, I’m not sure if that will change (to bundling PL3 Essentials with the Nik Collection).

  • Either way, tho, the Nik Collection is not included with PLx Elite.

John M

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That’s a bummer… Time for the DXO team to sort this out, I think. If one has the DXO Photolab 3 ELITE, one should be able to purchase the missing items in the Nik Collection for a fair price.

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In my opinion, the Nik Collection is sold at a fair price. At one time it sold for a few hundred dollars USD. It only became free for several years because Google abandoned support for it. DXO saved it from oblivion. When you purchase it from DXO an older version of PhotoLab Essential in included at no extra price for those who do not already own PhotoLab or other software that is usable with the Nik Collection. From a pricing standpoint the Nik is a very good value even if you don’t need the free version of PhotoLab 2 Essential.


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I totally agree with this. It seems that any educational webinars these days is all about pushing the NIK collection and not PL. I have PL3 as well as viewpoint 3 and think thatbased on this, the missing features that the NIK collection offers PL users above its own features should be either included with PL 3 or at a least offered at a much more reasonable price.