Is Nik 3 essentially adding Viewpoint 3 in the suite's functinonality?

Hi - before (if) I pay the now annual subscription of £49.99 to Nik for an upgrade - that’ll be three years in a row in June - what’s actually new in the V3 collection?

Is the perspective plug just Viewpoint 3 - which I bought on its own from DxO - but now included in the Nik suite?


If you check out DxO’s shop page, you’ll find that products are bundled differently.

Thanks - but that’s not what I was asking.

I want to know if I would, essentially, be paying for an upgrade that adds little (if anything) to the software I have already bought from DxO.

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This is the new Perspective tool.
Image taken with a 10-18 EFS lens on Canon 550. (16-30mm effective on a crop sensor 550D)

The first one is the standard corrected image done with just DxO as normal. Pretty horrible I’m sure you will agree.
The second is 2 minutes work using the new Perspective Efex tools. Not bad at all (would be better with a little more time spent)

Hope that helps?

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Functionally, it is the same as ViewPoint. I’m not noticing any differences.


I have. The new PL3 / NIK have broken Affinity photo.

@tilltheendofeternity, are you talking only about Perspective Efex not working with Affinity? From the Nik Collection 3 release notes: “Perspective Efex not available from Serif Affinity” - so it seems to me the combination isn’t supported yet. Or do you mean something was working and now with Nik 3 it isn’t?

Looks like when I used Perspective Efex, when it created the tiff file it screwed with Affinity and it couldn’t read file properties for anything - CR2 or Tiff afterwards. Note that Luminar was unaffected hence my guess it was DxO which borked my Affinity

I never tried to use Perspective Efex from Affinity though. Used in Photolab and then tried to export as normal.

Had to remove all DxO software and Affinity, then hunt down the wreckage BOTH companies manage to leave all over Windows. Lousy uninstall cleanup from both sadly.

Got Affinity back, now need to put DxO back (NOT the new NIK lol)

Sometime its worth waiting for others to test before you, saving you some uninstall time consuming :thinking:

Ah well, guess it was my turn lol

Shame I do like the Perspective Efex very much and would have bought the new version. Guess I will wait a while!

Hi Greg - thank you. That’s answered my question re Viewpoint effectively making an appearance in Nik very clearly.

Much appreciated!


I just upgraded and yes looks like they just added view point 3 to it

Wondering the same thing. It wouldn’t be DxO if there weren’t more questions than answers.

You can check the benefits of the upgrade by testing it against what you already have. Installing the test on a separate volume helps keep your prod volume untouched.

Nobody can tell you if the upgrade is worth your money because it is your money and your baseline/reference is yours alone.

DxO has some info here that some of us might find worth reading…

I use Revo Uninstaller Pro for uninstalling software, it automatically finds and allows you to delete leftover files/folders and Registry entries. You can also Install software with RevoUninstaller ‘watching’ so the uninstall operation gets everything, but I have found over many years on many machines that it works just great. Never caused any post uninstall problems.

The free version is very good and works very well, but as I us it all the time to uninstall, I bought the Pro version.

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As a long time user of Viewpoint I was wondering why DXO aren’t offering a discounted price to owners of Viewpoint when they buy NIK 3 as the technology is now incorporated in the NIK Perspective tool. I bought NIK V3 but now have two pieces of software that do pretty much exactly the same thing. I think that DXO should follow the example of another popular software company that, if you already own one of their products and they release a later technology, they upgrade you for free, I’m not asking for free but a discount would seem to me to be fair in a case such as this.

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Lucky timing for a new PhotoLab user. I am in the process of leaving Lightroom behind. I already had PhotoLab 2 for use as a plug in with LR but the first step in my plan was upgrading to PhotoLab3 last month and starting to use it as a standalone processor.

I have the Film Pack on a 30 day trial and I was about to download Viewpoint. I had also decided not to buy Nik Collections, which I have never used before and was not very familiar with and thought was too expensive.

Then Nik3 dropped. I quickly changed tack and bought Nik 3 and dropped plans to buy Viewpoint. And I guess I don’t need Filmpack either but I have been having fun with it and I might keep it. I do a fair amount of HDR processing, so I will be checking out HDR Efex but I also have another package for that.

For better or worse,. I dived in with both feet into Dxo but I am feeling pretty confident. I shoot mainly Canon but I have an Olympus TG-6, for which PhotoPlus 3 fortunately added support added with latest update. But I also have a Fuji X100S, which I cannot move over to PhotoPlus. So short term I am going to continue using the Lightroom Catalogue for downloading images from my cameras and keeping them organized but also for processing RAW for my x100S.

Hello Kevin,
the big advantage of Viewpoint is that it is integrated into DPL and hence you can work on rawfiles and therefore you can always come back and rework it because all the changes are saved in the database and in the sidecar if you opt for it.

Filmpack will not only add the different films but also some sliders i.e microcontrast into DPL and of course you can work on raw files.


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I believe FP adds fine contrast, not micro contrast.