Is it possible to open an existing tif rather than export?

Is it possible to open an existing tif rather than having to export it all the time? For example if I open a raw file into color efex then decide I actually want to use hdr efex I currently have to export again and overwrite.

Also, sometimes I use color efex then want to touch up in dfine/sharpener but it seems like I have to create yet another tif to do this? I only need 1 tif, not 3 or 4.

And finally is it possible to reopen an image in color efex for example and tweak a setting without having to redo the whole thing?

One possibility would be to drag the respective tiff file and drop it on the app you want to use.

This means that you only need to export once. In case you store the resulting tiffs into the same folder/directory as the original file, you should be able to see the results in dpl, unless you used a project. In that case, you‘d have to switch to the folder/directory in the library view of dpl.

Hi May - - Yes, it is possible to create a snapshot as a point from which you can restart editing in CEP … the details are outlined here.

Regards, John M