Is it possible to install only the Nik plugins?

I just upgraded to Big Sur, and found that Affinity seems to have forgotten all about Nik plugins. Confusingly I can’t find them on my hard drive. Strange. Anyway …

I was wondering if I can install JUST the plugins, in order to avoid issues that others have reported with installing Nik on Big Sur ?

Under Windows, the plugins can be invoked stand-alone. I do not know about Mac.

Yes you can re-install Nik and use them as standalone, but I’d still install the plugin in the folder where you had them for Affinity.

Same on macOS. Dropping a tiff or jpeg file on an app icon to open the app works too.


for Affinity photo I made it this way Trouble Installing Nik Collection Plugins in Affinity Photo. Look here and after some fights it looks like this

Maybe it helps also for PS
But I wonder about difficult it was on Mac