Is it possible to create slideshows

Is there a way of creating a slideshow from a group of images the way you can in Lightroom? Or can anyone suggest a freeware that will do this?

IrfanView allows you to create a slideshow by selecting images, which can be from multiple different folders.

FastStone Image Viewer can play the images in a folder as a slideshow (and offers the option to “auto-play across folders”).

I use both of these on Windows - I don’t know if there are MAC versions.

I will throw in Pic2Exe from WnSoft as well. Mac and PC versions. Payware but well worth the spend.

Very Good Stuff.

For Mac, it is all included. Just open the files in the Preview app that comes with macOs and then start the slide show Cmd-Shift-F.

Even simpler, select the files, press the spacebar for the QuickView panel, maximise it and use the arrow keys

That’s incorrect [EDIT]: I assume for every poster so far it was already clear, a slide show out of PL using the previews of the RAW images is impossible. So, you already were one step further: the export of the RAWs as JPGs was already done. I, on the contrary, know the possibility of a slide show out of LR or Apple Aperture (which at the time had access to iTunes to select music and switching the “slides” forward in the rhythm of the music or calculate the times between the frames according to the tracks. [/EDIT]

. The Mac slide show won’t be possible without exporting the RAW images first. I think @Yorci means (bold text inserted by me)

The way you workarounders want/need to go is, like so very often, going a lot of extra steps, using a lot of extra apps. But the good news is, there ar enough apps doing this. Just PL isn’t one of them.

Nonetheless, you are the best workarounders I’m aware of - that’s not irony!

Thank you I will look into these

The problem I have had with all the stand-alone free ones that I have tried so far is either the slides end out of sequence or the sound (if any) is out of sync - or both.

Example, I created one stand-alone slideshow with music that played properly and repeatedly on my computer. However, the audio was out of sync when played on a different computer.

The other computer was more than capable so I don’t know the exact reason.

Anyway, most computers will give you a hard time if they find a strange exe file.

… which is to be expected, if you don’t use a specialized software
( have been doing audiovision long long time ago )

Once again: Aperture is not a “specialized software” for slide shows only but an extremely versatile tool. For a given number of images and a selection of music, Aperture creates a slide show, ready to export as Quicktime movie. Including all kinds of transition effects, including synchronizing the transitions between images along the rhythm of the music. Without any pre-exporting of the RAWs, just using the already given previews hosted in the catalog and with enough resolution for all possible screen resolutions at the time. As fas as I remember it was even possible to use iDVD to author the finished slide show on a DVD-R and just burn it.

Slideshows, book projects, creating a ready-to-upload website… all of that was included in Aperture. A bit more than a decade ago. And today? High costs of any “Raw-developer”. Plus low functionality. Real shame that Apple abandoned the best RAW conversion + DAM package at that time.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your replies, it does give me food for thought, but I was looking to see if there was a way to create a slideshow using DPL from say the images in one of my projects. I am guessing that as a feature it is not within DPL.