Is DxO PhotoLab 3 Noise Reduction improved?

I’m considering upgrading to version 3. But my main use (and perhaps the only thing I use) is Noise Reduction feature. So I would like to know if there is any improvement about this feature? It is my major consideration for upgrade.

The possibly best way to a decision is to install the trial and see what it does for you…

My personal favorites are the new HSL tool, the local adjustment layer tool and that DPL 3 is quicker in many ways. Looking at some output images processed with Prime NR, I don’t see any difference though.


I find it interesting that many people seem to purchase the Elite version and only use it for PRIME NR.


…indeed, there is more to Elite than Prime, which I almost never use. I’m not allergic to noise (coming from silver halide). In the cases where I use Prime, I usually add some grain to get off that overly clean (and often oversaturated, but that’s an other story) “digital” look…


I use PRIME often because I take a lot of low light high ISO images and it is extremely useful for that, especially if I am recovering deep shadow detail which can be very noisy. I tend to use it at around half the default level most of the time but will bump it up when the image calls for it. Like you, I will occasionally also add grain from FilmPack. With regard to FilmPack, its a shame that more people don’t use it. A lot of folks seem to think it all about film emulations, but its a whole lot more than that.



I’m not in anyway professional photographer. I mainly took photo on my phone, only sometimes I use my DSLR which is very noisy. And I found to date no software gave me the NR feature like DXO prime. Also I manage all my photos in my Apple Photos app so I don’t need any workflow feature. Only did some retouch for about 50 photos at an event. For this DXO is more than enough for my need.

We may have a extra noise canceler, uniformity slider.:blush:
Colornoise, random color in a plane of single color, can/should be smoothend by the uniforimty slider of hsl.
Did’t tested it my self yet.

I think the exporttime of PRIME related procestime is shortened.

FP, yes it’s a hidden flower. Once you installed FP and ignore the “filmemulators” for a wile you see the other tools which you can use in general editing.

I am convinced that if DxOpl is/wilbe your primairy workhorse the Suite version is the best choise.
If you use it as a “preloader” plugin the elite alone is good enough and you can use the strenght of making presets easy according to requirements.

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