Is DxO compatible with Fujifilm photos?

Is DxO compatible with Fujifilm photos? I remember years ago when Google owned Nik collection that it was not compatible due to the XTrans sensor.

It is my understanding that PhotoLab is not compatible with Fuji X-Trans sensors, but what I do know is that it gives me really nice results with my (original model) Fuji X100.

I don’t believe anything has changed with regard to XTrans sensors


This site lists a few Fujifilm cameras that are supported (enter fujifilm in the search field)

Those are the few models with conventional sensors… Most, but not all Fujifilm cameras use XTrans, which DxO has not yet supported (and may well never support) - it is a whole different RAW conversion pipeline, and would involve quite a bit of effort.

Fujifilm models that don’t use XTrans are not any different to support than any other conventional Bayer sensor camera. They tend to show up in DxO a little while after release (just like anything else). It’s a weird bunch - the medium-format GFX lineup and some of the lower-end bodies (XTrans occupies the middle of Fujifilm’s range).

I have seen in another thread that DxO has plan X-Trans FUJIs support in the future: Fuji X Trans