Is DeepPrime Automatic?

When I’m editing photos (RAW), Denoising is always on high. I then hit DeepPrime for every photo. Is that necessary? Or is there a way to make it use DeepPrime every time?


I assume you are using the DXO Standard preset as your default for raw files in Preferences. High Quality is the default for Denoising Technologies in that preset. In order to make that preset, or any full preset, default to DeepPRIME, it can be modified.using the Preset editor. It is not difficult to modify presets but there is a bit of a learning curve. You can also make a copy of DXO Standard and give it a new name and modify the copy instead which may be a safer approach than modifying DXO Standard. Then make the new preset your default for raw files in Preferences. We can help if you run into problems.



Like @mwsilvers wrote, i assumme you ment “HQ”, the default denoise.
Are you increasing the strenght also?

If you have the elite version of PL you can make partial presets.
This are presets which you can apply as overwrite on a developed image without destroying all adjustments.
And make those isovalue depended.
This way you can sort on iso value and then select and apply preset on value.