Is batch processing/exporting possible in PhotoLab 5?

I would like to like to run groups of raw files through PhotoLab for Deep Prime processing only and then export them as a batch as DNGs. Is this possible?

Yes. It is possible

Could you please explain how it can be done?

Select a bunch of images, press the export button or command + K (on Mac)

You could also check out the user guide…


Thanks. I guess that can work, although it’s not quite in line with my workflow, which is Capture One-centered. When I encounter an image in C1 that has moderate to high level noise, I send the raw file to PhotoLab for DeepPrime only. Then I export a DNG back to C1 for further editing. I don’t see how I can do a full round trip with a batch of images starting in C1, but that’s not DxO’s problem.

Have you read “Export to application” in the user guide?

Just process all the RAWs for Noise reduction as a standalone Pre-C1…

Thanks to all for the replies. I think that I understand how to accomplish my goal starting either in C1 or PL.