IPTC - Location Taken and Shown

Photolab is doing a good job to handle most of the 20 ITPC-elements/fields that I use i Phpoto Mechanic Plus 6 with one exception: all the data in the seven elements/fields of IPTC - Location Taken and Shown are ghosted. “Taken” is seven and they are replicated to seven more under “Shown”.

So my question is why this data is ghosted in Photolabs interface for IPTC.
The corresponding elements in Photolab ought to be found under the banner of “IPTC - Image” where we can find Location, City, State and Country but they are not because they are always empty.

I know the data is there because if I let a RAW-image from PM Plus with all the metadata in place in it´s XMP-file and I edit that image without touching the metadata in Photolab and I export a derivate in JPEG back to Photolab all data is still there.

And the second question is what IPTC-fields are Photolab using instead of the ones we use in PM Plus??? … because the ones we/I use there doesn´t seem to be present in your XMP schema at all.

@DxOStaffPO can anyone look into that? Maybe you also should sync with Kirk Baker at Camera Bits support team to sort this out.

If you need some testfiles let me know.



Let me ask @Marie and @amikhnev to have a look at it.

Thank you for the feedback.

Svetlana G.

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Hello @Stenis

Photolab “IPTC - Image” values are loaded from “Location Shown” tags (not “Location Taken”).
If “Location Shown” tags are set in PM Plus and they are not visible in Photolab then there is an issue.
If you observe that issue then send a testfile (image + xmp) for it please.


Hi @amikhnev

Thank´s for your attention and your info.
I think there are a few problems here and some I think Camera Bits owns and some DXO. If you look at the dumps below we can see that three out of four elements gets filled correctly from the seven elements PM Plus metadata contains and that is fine as long as we don´t start to push data two ways. There is still one problem what I can see and PM Plus isn´t using “Location” in it’s metadata set but “Sublocation” so that elements data is still ghosted in Photolab 5 and that is pretty bad because that is probably the data with the highest resolution. At least for me it is the most important variable of them all.

The interface in PM Plus as it is will not allow us to use that applications very rich variable sets as in the applications templates other elements. It’s not all that effectice to handle I´m afraid which will affect productivity but that is more of a Camera Bits problem. I don´t really see a simple solution to this because you use different schemas. There is of course a “Location”-element in PM Plus too, but it isn´t a part of PM Plus present “Locations Taken and Shown” interface as you can see in the dump from PM Plus. Maybee the easiest solution might be that you add the “Sublocation” element under IPTC - Image label. Otherwise this discrepancies might cause problems it metadata gets updated by mistake from the Photolab side.

Picture Taken and Shown PL5