IPTC caption/description not visible in Windows Explorer after jpg-export


I am using PL3 and am thinking of an update to PL5 why I use the demo version at the moment. Until now I do the tagging of the jpg files after export from PL using another software. As PL5 has more capabilities in tagging I thought it would be a good idea to do this already in the raw files. Bit when I do so I found out that caption and description (I hope I translated correctly, I use the German version) of exported jpgs are not visible in the image properties in Windows Explorer and therefore you cannot use them for searching in Windows (for keywords it works well).

Is there a possibility to fill the empty fields?

Best regards, Volker

I don’t think windows is showing the IPTC fields though the Exif-IPTC fields. Try IrfanView, that’s showing the IPTC fields.


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Thanks for your reply George. I use IrfanView and digikam, both show the fields. The annoying thing for me isn’t that it’s not shown by windows but it’s also not indexed so you cannot search for the entries in Windows explorer.
But good to know that windows looks into the Exif-IPTC fields, thanks! So I can make a feature request to have them populated by PL, too.

Metadata is a very confusing issue, as there are over 14,000 known metadata tags and because many of the tags have very similar names.

If you’ve used PL5 to record caption and description in your raw images, they should also be present in the output jpg images. However, PL5 is using ‘XMP’ tags to store ‘IPTC’ caption and description. I don’t know what tags Windows uses for these caption and description; you may need to play around a bit in Windows Explorer to find the ones that PL5 is using unless someone else here already knows. Other software more focused on photos and metadata will probably work better for you than Explorer.

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